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Record of Interview
Changes in the LAW

This is the formal name of an interview with police.

If you receive a request to attend a police station it is most probably for an interview questioning you about an alledged crime.

Technically you are under arrest once you attend the police station and remains so until the inter view concludes. You cant leave without their permission. The police will ask specific questions about an offense so you will know what is being alledged against you.

Once the interview commences you will be asked your name, address, age and date of birth, you will be informed that you do not have answer any questions and you may contact a friend or Lawyer. You will be asked if you are Australian Citizen or an Aboriginal or torres strait islander. You must answer these questions truthfully.

Your response to any other questions should be: I decline to answer any further questions on the advice of my solicitor. You are perfectly entitled to do this and it cannot be used against you.

You may take a solicitor with you to the police station but you will have to pay him/her for up to half a day of their time. You must understand that your solicitor cant answer questions for you. You must continue to decline to answer questions as long as the interview continues. When the interview concludes you will be given a disc of it.

After the interview ends the police will tell you if they have further enquiries to make or tell you will be proceeded against by summons or bail you to a court date.