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Consult JP Cahill Brighton lawyers on any criminal offences. Our office has had years of experience in: Sex Offences, Drug Offences, Assaults, Fraud, Theft and Driving Offences.

Like medicine, the law has specialist areas, including business law, criminal law, family law, immigration law, and tax law. A specialist must pass special exams and maintain a high level of on-going legal education in his or her specialty area before the Law Institute recognises that lawyer as an expert in that particular area. At J P Cahill, our area of focus is on criminal law, however we are able to assist with a wide range legal issues pertaining to:
  • Criminal law
  • Business law
  • Family law
  • Immigration law
We are a dedicated team of criminal lawyers that can assist you with any legal troubles you may be experiencing. Each member of our Brighton practice offers specialist knowledge in the criminal law field and will provide you with impartial advice tailored to your specific circumstances. We believe that every citizen deserves sound legal advice and assistance that upholds their rights. Contact our dedicated team of lawyers in Victoria today to arrange a consultation.