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Melbourne Criminal Lawyers

J.P Cahill a trusted and well-respected name in criminal law across Melbourne, James Cahill Attorney in Brighton offers the services of a highly qualified and experienced team of criminal lawyers to defendants facing criminal charges. Committed to ethical standards and due diligence we partner with our clients to provide successful trial and litigation services.

The Role of a Criminal Attorney

With crimes ranging in severity from misdemeanours to homicides, the need for legal representation is crucial to both successful pre and post-trial processes and the appellate route where appropriate.
Poor legal representation can prove detrimental to the litigation process and positioning your case for the appeals process whether through the state or federal court systems.
Our services can be retained as early as the investigation stage of the case if you are suspected of a crime. Retaining counsel at this stage will ensure you do not self-incriminate, and we will help to instruct you during interrogation and questioning.
We will navigate the charges against you and determine whether there is sufficient evidence to convict and whether procedural errors are evident.

What Makes Our Services Different

At J P Cahill, we take proactive legal steps to ensure the desired outcome in court. We have expertise in providing high-quality legal services for more than 25 years and earned the reputation of “the preferred criminal lawyers of Melbourne” with committed service and outcomes.
We provide in-depth experience in the handling of criminal law, including drug offences, sex offences, fraud, theft, driving offences, assaults, and much more.
We listen to all our clients and their requirements and provide informed and strategic legal advice. Boasting years of experience, we have nurtured connections with many stakeholders involved in the justice system. We are criminal defence stalwarts.
We have specialised police station teams, court teams, confiscation teams, and more. They gather information, analyse data, and connect with all stakeholders of the criminal justice system to provide a seamless service and approach.
At J P Cahill, we offer personalised criminal lawyer services with a deep understanding of criminal procedures and practices, sophisticated advocacy, and legal technical assistance.

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